Barnwood Floor { for photographers}

Heads up to fellow photogs --> barnwood floor mats are back in stock as of May 3rd. I ordered mine today and hope it gets here before we move to St. Louis in a few weeks! I didn't want to wait and have to wait another few months...

I ordered it from Bargain Outfitters HERE. I also used a coupon code from RETAIL ME NOT - the one I used is SB920, which is listed as expiring today. My total, with shipping, was $99.97. I wish it were $9.97, but oh well. :)

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up!


Anonymous said...

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Melynda said...

SWEET...I am super jealous and can't wait to see how you use it in your studio :)

Stacey Bishop said...

I have debated over getting this for a while now. I won't get it just yet, but soon!! (I have a baby on the way and it would come in really usefull:)

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