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You don't have to look far on my blog to see that I use seamless paper in almost every session I do in my home (also known as Mini Sessions). Several people have asked me what brand/colors I use, so I thought I'd do a quick Tell All Tuesday post about it.

I own two seamless papers, both of which are Savage brand and purchased on Amazon.com. They are the 57" x 12 yards size.

The first one is Bone (#51), a fairly new acquisition, and the second is Thunder Gray (#27):

These next two are ones I'd love to add to my collection - Ocean Blue (#36) and Coral (#3):

For an example of Ocean Blue in use, visit my awesome photog friend's blog: PHOTOGRAPHY BY LACEY. At least, I think that's Ocean Blue. Correct me if I'm wrong, Lacey! :) So nice though, right? It also helps if you have adorable built-in models and mad skillz like she does!

*Edited: Lacey's seamless is actually Baby Blue (#47) - sorry guys!

And for an example of Coral in use, visit a blog I recently stumbled upon called BECOMING MOM. I also love the fake distressed flooring she uses (I've seen it termed 'barnwood flooring' a lot), which is actually a giant mouse pad (basically). She links to where she bought it, but here's the LINK again just in case. I want one so badly right now. Just another thing to add to my wish list...Zack is thrilled.

Your turn to share: what are your favorite seamless colors?


Lacey said...

Danica, you are too sweet! I checked my blue and it is actually Baby Blue. I've been wanting the thunder gray and maybe a pink, but for little folks (newborn to 6-8 months) I also clip blankets to my backdrop stand. I've used a chocolate brown one a couple times. One last thing--I came across this link today for a free Savage swatch/color chip chart: http://www.savagepaper.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=109&Itemid=4


{lizzythebotanist} said...

hi danica-i'm a friend of lillians and have been following your blog. i'm so glad you posted this barnwood flooring link b/c i have been dying to get one. i first saw it on the savvy photographer blog, but hers are almost twice as much! what a good source-thanks for sharing!

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