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Remember this drop-dead gorgeous (in a handsome way) baby boy, Cameron, from his summer mini shoot HERE? Well his first birthday is just around the corner! We had a fun little shoot, and I was excited to get some serious shots along with the smiles, since he is one of the most adorably serious babies I've ever known.

I love it! "Listen, lady, if you don't back off, I'm gonna hit you with this here leg!"

Ha! "Mom, you're making a fool of yourself."

I love that little boy: cheeks, rolls and all!


Lacey said...

Oh, Danica--these are delightful! Gorgeous little boy--what a wonderful little personality! Lucky Momma to have these for now and forever when this little guy is grown up!

Amy Leigh said...

That expression in number 8 (counting the verticals as one). Love it! Also love the b&w's! Cute, cute!

Christy said...

This little boy is way cute. How can you miss with that red hair and such blue eyes. I see his Dad's face a lot more in his face than in Tommy's, I think. Great pics Dani.

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