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Cameron's big brother, Tommy, is Carson's best friend. They hooked up for a park playdate today and then we hung out for a little while at our place. I just couldn't look at Cameron's beautiful (in a handsome way) blue eyes, porcelain skin and fuzzy red-blonde hair for one more second without capturing it for forever! So....I pulled out the white chair and walked out to my trusty alley (tired of alley shots yet? sorry, more to come soon...). Oh he is the cutest guy ever with his three (yes three!) arm rolls. Almost eight months old already...

Clar - here's a good shot of those two new teeth!

Look at the starbursts in his eyes...unreal.

Oh what would I do without a camera? I do believe it's become a part of who I am.


Lacey said...

Danica, these are beautiful, sweet, and perfect! His Mommy is lucky to have these---I have the most horrible photos from the twins 1st year and I would shell out big bucks if I could go back and get photos like these of my chubby, smiling babies! My favorites are: #2, 4, 5, and the last!

c3t said...

Thank you sooooo much, you are so talented at grabbing amazing shots on the go! love ya!

Amy Leigh said...

Oh that last shot is soooo sweet. I love it and I love the b&w. Just beautiful!

Stacey Bishop said...

oh, those eyes! The green bokeh in the background of that close up is so yummy. Absolutely stunning shots!

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