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On Cami's birthday last week, I awoke to miraculously warm temperatures (about 60 degrees) and realized, with Carson off to preschool and limited time before Cami's nap, I had a short window where I just might be able to pull off an outdoor birthday shoot with my darling. In that little dress would you ever believe she's in Philly in December? So I dressed her on a whim and gathered things in a whirlwind, and headed for the trusty field a few miles away where we took our family pictures this year. It was muddy. Really muddy. It was deserted. A little scary (was that a rattlesnake I heard, or the wind whipping through the trees??!!). I was holding her, my giant bag, my camera, a doll bed and flokati rug as I squished and squashed my way down the slope from the street into the field. The sky was overcast and it was getting chilly, but my girl pulled through and gave me the images I was hoping to walk away with.
I adore with a capital "A" the work of AMANDA KEEYS. I love everything she does and she's one of my biggest inspirations. I was especially inspired by THIS POST where she hung bunting banners outdoors. On my way out the door I realized I could do the same thing with the banners I made for Cami's little party that night. I grabbed some sticky tack and hoped I'd figure something out. I am also constantly amazed by JINKY ART'S BLOG and the way she somehow perfectly captures the wonder of childhood in her photos. I was hoping to come away with a sliver of that in these images too. They fall far below the bar those two photographers have set, but I still love them nonetheless. My baby girl out in the field, just the two of us. And what do you know, she stayed still like a champ, taking in all the new sights around her. It was a perfect afternoon, if you ask me. And you did, right?
Sorry if they get a bit redundant...

Some of the backgrounds look almost painted, but they aren't photoshopped.

She kept picking plants and showing me. LOVE her.

Definitely a fave. This is her silly smile.

Another fave.

Adore that profile.

Every time she'd laugh, she'd turn away from me in glee.

Happy birthday, beauty. Thanks for making my day (which is par for the course for you).


Amanda said...

She is darling, those are the cutest pic's I've ever seen! Wow, you are talented too!!!

Natalie N said...

I just LOVE her! What a precious little girl!! And she's such a cooperative picture-taker. Loved seeing these latest pics!

Adri said...

LOVE these, and the other birthday ones too! I love the banners and the little bed and your adorable subject.

Rachel said...

Dani! Those are adorable. You're so stinkin' talented. When I have a child, I'm flying you out to take pictures of him/her! Serious.

Christy said...

These are simply beautiful Dani. Cami is the perfect subject. I love both sets of bday pics. You should submit some of these for 'best picture' somewhere. You'd win first place.

Melynda said...

Okay...LOVE THESE!! Seriously...you are so creative and have the best ideas! She is a doll :)

Amy Leigh said...

Love the creativity in these. Pricelss. I bet you'll frame one of these in her room!

Amanda K said...

I can TOTALLY imagine that scene with you all loaded up with baby and gear going to a sweet spot for your photos! That is dedication! :) I LOVE these, love the way you use the bunting (and you are so sweet to link me, I think you "did it better"!). Happy Bday to your princess.

The Whitings in Philly said...

Hey Danica, I love these pictures and I remembered seeing them a while back and came to look at them again. I'm actually wanting to make some of that bunting and have been looking for examples. Do you mind if I ask, is each triangle one piece of fabric or is it double-sided with two pieces? Any tips about making one? Yours is so cute, I love the colors and it looks so precious with Cami outdoors.

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