On a personal note...

My husband has matched to St. Louis University's orthodontic program! Although very exciting for our little family, it's already bringing on some very bittersweet emotions for me. I will be horribly, excrutiatingly sad to leave our awesome friends (who are more like family) and just as sad to leave my wonderfully fantastic clients here. As of now, the plan is to move around the end of May. So be aware that spring will be a very busy time as I try to cram as many sessions in as I can while packing up and moving as well. If you'd like to get on the waiting list for any session in 2010, email me as soon as you can to up your chances of making it happen!


Amy Leigh said...

YAY for St. Louis!! That's where my husband is from and it's like my 2nd home now. I love it there and I know you will too. There are some very cool places to shoot. And we should me on my next trip to St. Louis after your arrival. Whadda ya think?! Have lunch or go shoot together and have lunch. :)

Jenny said...

Hope you can save some time (between photo shoots and packing)for us. We would love to visit with your family a few times before you leave for St. Louis. We're so excited for you guys, but we'll miss having you guys on the east coast with us. Love, VA Nelsons

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