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My Cami girl turned ONE yesterday! I was able to snap these shots right when she woke up. She's at such a tough age for me to photograph right now because she's all over the place, but these were just for fun anyways. Later in the day while brother was at preschool I took her outside for a fun shoot. Those pictures to come...I love them so hopefully I'll get them up soon.

Not in focus, but I still love her cute reaction to me singing her happy birthday.

No, Cami Jo...stay! STAY!!

I'm pretty sure this is what she was yelling...if I remember right.

Nothing like a great birthday snot shot (this taken right after a sneeze, poor thing).
I love this girl more than her little body can even imagine. I can hardly stand it!! Happy birthday, cutie pest.


Lacey said...

What a fun session with your cute little birthday girl! You did a great job pulling together all the details with your banner, her hat, and that cute little shirt! Happy Belated Birthday, Cami!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday my darling Granddaughter. She looks so adorable. Love the colors and the banner matching so well. I now hsve the first pic as my wallpaper. Can't wait to see the outside pics of her. Good job Dani.

Lillian said...

Very cute photo session! Happy birthday little one. She is adorable in these.

sara said...

SO cute!!

Paola said...

She is just too cute for words! BTW- Happy Birthday Cami!

Just wondering, how much would you charge to take pictures at Hayden's birthday party? I want to get some great snap shots that day with all the kids.

Melynda said...

WOW...love these too! Seriously girl...you are amazing! did you make that hat? And Cami is the cutest little birthday girl EVER!! I love all of her fun expressions :) Love the banner, hat, cute polka dot blanket...you have the best ideas (I am pretty sure I said that in the last post :)

Amy Leigh said...

That year went by so fast. These are adorable! I've been wanting to make a banner for sooo long. Great job on these.

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