Cami 10 Months | Philadelphia Baby Photographer

Oh man. My girl is 10 months old. I have a hard time describing the amount of love that bursts from my heart each time I see this little face. She is my little beauty pest and I adore her.
She had just awoken from a nap and still had that rosy-cheeked look.

(Laughing at Carson under the table.)

I've been waiting for this cap to fit her...it's a vintage knitted doll cap my grandma made when I was a girl. I miss my grandma a lot but am glad to have tangible things to remember her by.

Are ya kidding me?

Cami Jo, I love you so.


Lacey said...

Oh, Danica, she is a doll! Lucky you! I love the hat your grandmother had made--it's perfect for Cami!

Adri said...

I can't get over those eyes! Those pictures are adorable.

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