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This morning we woke up to a fresh layer of snow. During Cami's afternoon nap, I willed myself out into the cold to make my cute little Carson boy happy. I was even able to snap a few of him having some fun (until we got just too darn cold).

His reaction when I said, "Pretend you're a snowman!"

Little did I know he was planning a sneak attack.

SO happy at the thought of "getting me."

Cool kid.

Ready for a ride down the hill...

For some reason I just love this silhouette of a tree on our street.

Hope you're all staying warm!

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The Crowley's said...

I love your snow pictures! You helped me early with getting my picture larger- thanks. I had one more question- if you need to crop the photo when do you do this in relation to the mcp action crystal clear. I still feel like my pictures are pixilated on my blog compared to photoshop and I am sure some of it is how well I take the picture in the fist place but it is frustrating when it looks different from my edit screen and the web. It is also hit and miss, sometimes it looks great- any ideas on cropping would be great. Amber Crowley- your big fan.

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