Baby Adrienne | Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

Feast your eyes on another beautiful newborn! Baby Adrienne, who was 8 days old for her debut photo shoot, is as gorgeous as she is petite. She was an absolute rockstar and promptly fell asleep after a few minutes on my warm beanbag (with the space heater and sound machine mimicking an ocean getaway :) and stayed that way the entire time. I was also able to use a new prop - a gray netlike material I sewed into a wrap. Total? $1. It was a Halloween decoration I picked up at the Dollar Tree a couple years ago. Don't be afraid to get creative! I wasn't able to reign myself in this time either...so enjoy the huge peek.

Her tiny features and button nose are just the sweetest things ever.

A little smile!

I like this one in b/w too.

She looks like a tiny dewdrop on the right!

I love how these net ones came out.

Oh those little fingernails...love. them.

Thanks, cute B family. Loved every minute of this session!


Lacey said...

another beauty--the last 4 wrap images are my favorites!

Natalie N said...

Oh my word, Dani. That black and white one of the baby sleeping like a big girl on her bed is my favorite! When you figure out how to make a time machine, could you please let us borrow it so we can turn back time and you can take newborn pictures of my 3 kids? Thanks! :)

Stacey Bishop said...

WOW!! your Newborn shots are out of this WORLD!! I am loving them. I have much respect. I honestly think weddings can be easier. Newborns are so tough. Simply beautifull!

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