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My little friend Maggie (see newborn pics HERE) is about three months old already, so it was time for an update. She is the happiest, sweetest, smiliest baby girl and she is so very loved.

She just loves that thumb, and so do I.

You've got some nice rolls goin' there, Mags.

Hip hip, hooray! (Julie, we did catch the dimple.)

My other darling neighbor Amee crocheted some new hats for me and I love them!

In her sweet little happy place.

Couldn't resist snapping a few of her on Mom's lap.

Julie, if I promise to take pictures of Maggie allllll the time, will you please please not move?!?!


Lacey said...

Oh my gosh, she looks like a complete sweetheart!!! My favorite is #7 (on her tummy).

sara said...

love the thumb sucking! oh, so cute. and if i promise to let you take pictures of hazel every day, will YOU please not move?

i hate next year.

Amy Leigh said...

#7= adorable! my little guy is 3 months at the end of this week. im trying to motivate myself to do a shoot with him. im so busy b/c of christmas, etc! love these!

Spence and Kath said...

that deal totally would have worked for me. Pictures all the time, and in return we wouldn't have moved. Hmmm...sad that offer wasn't made. You know I would have taken you up on it. Darling pictures. It's so fun to see updates. We miss Philly!!

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