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Awww...love this family. They're some of our bestest friends ever and it's a tradition of ours to take each other's family pictures every year. Last fall I drove by this little park close to our home and knew I wanted to do pictures there this year. I love the wildness of the foliage and the diverse texture. So without further ado, the J family:

Carson thinks Tommy and Cameron are in our family. :)

Like it in b/w too.

3 1/2 years old!

I'll post some of what Clar got of our family sometime soon...


Natalie N said...

Those red trees are stunning! GREAT pics!

Melynda said...

WOW!!!!! Let's talk about COLOR! Amazing shots and such a beautiful family! I LOVE the ones in the tall grass...love the orange and browns, BUT I also LOVE the reds! Wow...AMAZING Danica! SO...maybe we should talk on the phone sometime...I am realizing how horrible of an emailer I am, and maybe we could cover a lot more through the phone? Maybe?

Terry James said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family!! They must take after their....UNCLE!

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