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This family is always such a treat to photograph. Jade and Taegen probably look familiar by now. I was excited when Mom said she wanted the session to have an "urban look" - we headed to University City and everyone did great, considering it was chilly and a bit windy. I love the outfits...what a fun session.
Can't believe she's already four months old!

So fun to see her smiling now.

Can't wait for our next Jade session!


Lacey said...

What a cute family & great photos!

Lillian said...

Hey Danica, I don't know if you remember me and Matt from back in our Wymount days.
I came upon your family blog through google reader (it was in the top recommendations links) and then I found this link to your photography blog. Your photography is so amazing! What a talent you have. I have gotten into photography in the last couple of years as well (but am nowhere near your level). I love looking at all your pictures and will be coming to this site often.
We are living in SW Connecticut now, not too far from you.
I appreciated your post showing your indoor setup - I love when photographers show how they capture their shots. Thanks for showing that. I have just been asked to photograph twins and am looking for ideas (I'm a little nervous to be honest!)
If you'd like to be invited to our private family blog email me at lillian hoyt at gmail.
Take care!

Lillian said...

Okay, so that was a really long post... ;)

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