It was time for a change, right? Excuse me if I continue to tweak things. When I showed Zack, he said, "Wow, that has all the little things you love...look at that." Haha, he's right. It does have all the little images I love - so humor me, even if it sorta looks like a crazy grandma's cluttered house (and doesn't necessarily make sense). I mean, a teapot on a chandelier? I don't know, but I dig it anyways.

{I realize in today's world of Google Reader you probably never even see my site. I'm okay with that.}


KRISTIE said...

I am a google reader, but i clicked over and I like the layout, very fresh, fun!

Stacey Bishop said...


Natalie N said...

I just love you, Sis. You've got style. :)

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