New Look (Again)

So I guess I can't help but change up my site every few months. This time I used a free template (see the very bottom of my site for the website and template name) based on my cute slash awesome friend Stacey's recent revamp (http://staceybishopphotography.blogspot.com). Google Reader-ers, not like you'll really ever see my site, but oh well.

I also just figured out how to post my pictures at the right resolution so they're not pixelated as they have been for a long time, thanks to help from the also awesome Amy from http://amyleighphoto.blogspot.com. I will post about it soon. Have a great weekend everyone!


Genevieve said...

i actually saw your site last night and meant to tell you today that i love your new blog!! love the layout- looks great! and if you want me to take some pics of you, i would love to practice on ya

Adri said...

I love it! It's so clean looking. How do you get those buttons on the top? (pricing, etc.)

Stacey Bishop said...

Work it girl!! Looks amazing and you are already farther than me!! I'm still working on getting all the info linked to the top.

Love your LOGO!! FAB!

Are you SUPER loving your 85mm? I could just kiss my prime lens:)

Your photos are really looking awesome!

sara said...

oooh, do tell! i was just thinking yesterday- how on earth do i post pictures so they don't look so junky?! can't wait to hear the secret.

Amy Leigh said...

I love the new look of the blog and thanks for the shout out! It was nice to talk to you. Feel free to email/call anytime- except 3:30 when we're walking in the door from school and my boys are at each others throats! ;)

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