I love photography. I wish I had endless hours to devote to doing shoots and learning and growing as a photographer - BUT - it turns out I'm a mom to a busy toddler and beautiful baby girl and it actually takes TIME to take care of them properly! They need me and I need time with them. So...changes are coming. I'm going to be restructuring the way I do sessions a bit, and that will include some price changes. I should have them up soon, and it will affect all new sessions scheduled (basically June or later, since my calendar is full for now). If you've already paid for or scheduled a session, the old pricing will apply. I'm sorry I can't give dirt cheap sessions to everyone I know because I'd truly love to. Keep posted for the upcoming changes.

And because no post is complete without pictures...here are my two darlings a few days ago. I was trying out my new seamless paper (Thunder Grey by Savage).

Cami - 3 months old!

Oh all that hair...I buzzed it all off yesterday and miss it now.

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Amber and Taylor said...

These are great shots.... how did you get them to look like that? It looks like you have a professional studio in your home. I wish I could learn more too about photography, but you are doing so great with what you do know and all your pictures are so amazing. Thanks again for coming over on Saturday, I can't wait to see the pics.

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