Finally finished with these images of Cami in her blessing dress. She was blessed on Sunday, February 1st. I about died when I put that little bonnet on her. I know I'm biased, but come on.

cami's blessing

cami's blessing

cami's blessing

cami's blessing

And for a vintage feel... (I'm trying not to overdo it!!)
cami's blessing

Her dress was an amazing Etsy find - the whole set for $30 from CHRONICYARNER'S SHOP.
cami's blessing

I love the square neck and all the little details.
cami's blessing

Aww. Special day.
cami's blessing


Martha said...

I think you have every right to feel biased! She's beautiful!!! I love the bonnet. So adorable. What a precious little one you have. :) (you got some great shots of her... I love the way her eyes sparkle.)

Amber and Taylor said...

What a beautiful little dress. She is so cute. Love all her pictures.

Stacey Bishop said...

Sooo amazing!! Love the pics of the hanging dress. They have such a cool feel to them. That dress is just perfect! She is such a doll.

Melissa Summers said...

She is a real cutie. You will always be biased, as you should be you are her mother. But you are right she is darling.

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