cami.15 days

Sick of Cami pictures yet? I've got a couple to share of her at 15 days old. Isn't she sweet? I haven't taken any real pictures since these, but have a 6-week shoot planned for next week. Stay tuned!






Sandy said...

How could you get sick of a face like that?! She's adorable! The pics are beautiful! :)

Amber and Taylor said...

Hey Danica, long time no chat... Cami is absolutely adorable, I am so happy for you. I've been out of town for 5 months traveling with my husband for his schooling and been completely out of the loop and these are the first pictures I have seen of your little princess. She looks like her brother, but I can see both mom and dad in her too. She's so pretty and I can't believe you took those by yourself, usually you have to have the mom there to help, but mommy and photographer... I am quite impressed. Anyways.. I am expecting (not sure if I told you), but I am due March 10th. So, due to my circumstances and your majorly full schedule I was hoping I could talk to you about taking belly shots before this little guy comes. I read that you are on leave right now so I understand if you can't do it. I am 32 weeks and was hoping to find someone willing to take pictures of me at 34 weeks. Give me a call or email me at amberpollei@mac.com or 215-435-4042 if you are interested. Thank you -- Amber Pollei

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