The other night Zack and I took Carson to Gorgas Park (in Manayunk) - I was practicing catchlights and gaussian blur and came up with these. If you haven't tried adding a gaussian blur layer and then erasing the eyes and other features while leaving the skin creamy smooth...it's a must! I'm in love with it right now. I also just ordered the mixed ride actions for PS5 from Vibe. Check them out HERE (thanks Stacey for the heads up). I had to pay with an e-check so I don't have them yet...argh.

Can't be serious for a minute.


Cristin said...

Wow, Danica. Very nice. Zack's eyes don't look as creepy as they could. Carson looks adorable.

Amanda said...

Ok, Carson's eyes are AMAZING! Honestly!!! WOW!!!!

I'm loving the blur effect, I use that too!

I'm sure Zach loves you taking close ups!!!

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