My last few favs of this little cutie. The one where Mom's chasing him is classic Miles to me.


sarah marie. said...

thanks for your sweet comment! i actually just use a really cheap wide angle attachment lens. you just screw it on the end of your normal lens. i don't even think it has a brand that's how cheap it is. i shoot with a canon 30d. hope that helps!

echecchio said...

I love love love them Dani!
Thanks for catching those moments for me.

Scott said...

so cute. so jealous you can't shoot my kids!


Natalie N said...

I was just clicking around and noticed that I haven't visited your photography site in forever...since you changed it to "danicanelson"! DUH! These pictures are looking great. I love browsing through your stuff. The grey & pink is cute too!

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